Major Australian University

A major Australian university wanted to transform its HR systems and processes to enable a more seamless experience for staff, and automate a number of currently time-consuming, manual processes to provide a faster, more personalised service to its teams. The university sought support to implement a new service approach and HR platform, better able to meet the changing needs of its staff, including by enabling greater staff mobility and career development opportunities.

Our work


A primary objective for the university in pursuing this change was to reduce the number of duplicated and overly complex processes in its HR approach. The university was also motivated by the opportunity to free up time for its HR team through efficiencies achieved by automating or simplifying some of the current manual processes and functions.


Maltem Australia led the design and delivery of a complex change management strategy, including preparation of all onboarding information, to guide the roll out of the new HR practices across the university. This included completing data collection and analysis, impact assessment and gap analysis activites, in conjunction with key stakeholders across the university, to inform the approach and design of interventions used in implementing the new approach.   

Through the project and the university’s deployment of the HR approach, the number of duplicated entries on system was reduced by 30% and the HR team has since reported a productivity increase of 35% in terms of their throughput.

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