To create an internal GRDF Factory, dedicated to the development of “tailor-made” web and mobile applications, with a strong focus on user experience and meeting the criteria of internal control of the solution, specific / tailor-made development with a view to innovation.

Our work


Diverse and varied gas professions. A strong corporate culture that encourages employee development. Self-organisation through holacracy

Benefits for the customer

Flexibility of the agile method.
Budgetary rigour: the commitment of resources allows for annual planning of expenditure, all budgetary trajectories are controlled so that, overall, the difference with the forecast is less than 2%.


An application build of approximately 15 products per year and application maintenance on 60 products in total.
All projects are equipped with JIRA according to an agile framework of your choice (KANBAN or SCRUM) with quarterly portfolio management per business area.


Technical Frameworks:

LAMP, Symfony, Angular, Ionic, GitLab, Jira, Confluence, Jenkins, Docker, neo4j, Electron, MongoDB, redis.

400 MEP / YEAR