Global Insurance Company

A global specialist insurance company was interested in exploring ways it could increase security and provide an enhanced web and mobile experience to its corporate travel customers by offering more personalised services and responses, based on the customer’s location at time of enquiry.

Our work


Having an awareness of where a customer is located when accessing your company’s services enables more personalised, location-based guidance and responses to be provided, which are more likely to meet the customer’s specific needs.   In this context, the company wanted to utilise available location information and related metadata to provide a guide on the customer’s approximate location in order to personalise the service.


Maltem Australia developed Android and IOS mobile phone applications and a web-based application able to recognise a customers’ approximate location (via their device) and support the generation of location-specific responses or services. This included identifying, validating, and integrating external data sources that provided an uplift in model accuracy when predicting client location.  

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