Global Financial Services Group

A global financial services group wanted to develop and deploy a scalable and reliable new data platform for use across its global operations, including improving platform performance on storage and data use, within their existing cloud infrastructure.

Due to the nature of the data,  the company’s existing approaches required a high level of dependency and workload on the organisation’s corporate data team, to facilitate a high volume of user requests for data.   New approaches were sought to reduce that burden and streamline, or automate elements, where possible.

Our work


The company needed a robust, reliable and more scalable cloud infrastructure and data platform in order to meet increasing expectations of downstream users, including credit agencies and retail customers, while upholding data privacy and low latency response needs.


Maltem assisted with the design and implementation of a metadata driven framework to streamline onboarding of applications to the company’s data platform and reducing the manual effort required to manage its configuration.  This included developing a customer code template to support rapid decision making on managing data migration jobs, built on event-based scenarios.

Maltem has also assisted the company with the analysis of its key data warehouse assets for integration into the DataHub platform, including analysis of data volumes, technical and business keys, load patterns, load frequencies, and required security and governance requirements.

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