To offer a fully automated fundraising tool: from pre-alerting to pausing advertising campaigns and reactivating campaigns in case of payment.

Our work


60 million of unpaid income in 2018 across nearly 1,000 customers, previously managed manually, is now managed automatically.

Benefit for the customer: 

  • Reduce financial losses because advertising space is expensive, if there is no revenue, it is a dead loss for Criteo.
  • Anticipate bad payers. Some clients boost their ad campaign budgets when they are close to liquidation, in the hope of reviving their business.


Development of the Ozark application dedicated to the collection of all unpaid bills. This principle consists, for bad payers, of a pre-payment alert, but also of an alert for exceeding the deadline (first warning), then of a pre-warning of interruption of their advertising campaign and, in the event of non-return on their part, of stopping their advertising campaign.


Skills and Roles

  • 1 senior developer
  • 5 developers
  • 1 PO
  • Full stack Azure
60 Million euros of unpaid income in 2018
1000 Customers spread over nearly 1000 customers
1 Tool fully automated cash tool

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