Criteo wanted to identify opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce duplication by offering a new self-service platform to its teams, supporting them in generating new external documents and communications, including contracts, mailouts and product documentation. 

Our work


Criteo’s existing approach meant departments each produced their own documents, without a consistent approach across the organisation.  This resulted in duplication of effort across teams, but also delays in document approval times, as technical and legal teams needed to review each individual document in detail, as none of the content was consistent or pre-approved.  

Technical Frameworks

Full stack Azure


Maltem’s experts developed a new Doc Flow service accessible by Criteo’s teams which enabled them to rapidly generate and issue new documents or mailouts using pre-approved templates and formats.  This new system significantly reduced the resourcing and time needed for teams to perform these tasks, while also resulting in a more consistent approach across the company.

Benefits for the customer

  • Efficiency gains for all teams
  • Developers can focus on real business value

Skills and Roles

  • 1 lead developer
  • 3 developers

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