Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) was undertaking a digital transformation process to implement and train staff in the use of its new Student Information System used in the management of candidate data and delivery of services for its flagship educational offering, the Certified Accountant Program.

Our work


Core elements of the transformation included transitioning a number of existing manual processes to a more automated approach, including those related to new student enrolment, results releases, and general administration of the Program.    

This required a significant shift in staff activities and skills requirements, and in the way the organisations and its teams engaged with candidates and their employers. It strengthened the need to ensure the change process was well executed to avoid unnecessary disruption.


Maltem supported the organisation by developing and implementing a change management strategy with internal training programs, to support a smooth transition to utilisation of the new Student Information System.   

This included providing specialised guidance and training to the organisation to enable change leaders to best support teams in transitioning to, and making the most of the new system.

As a result, the organisation noted a significant reduction in the time required to process candidates and in the turnaround time for invoicing, through these processes being made self-service via a new customer portal.

On the back of this project, Maltem also led the design of a change framework for CA, incorporating Agile & HCD (Human Centered Design), for its use in the delivery of this and future high-value projects.

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