French fashion company Camaïeu was looking to integrate a new digital supply chain management solution with its existing systems and platforms, to optimise its warehousing and logistics operations. The company was also interested in opportunities to build new efficiencies by better-utilising data on the company’s supply chain activities to support decision making.

Our work


Camaïeu wanted to make a step-change in the way it managed and utilised its supply chain data, including databases, workflows and reporting structures. This included redesigning the way data was stored, handled, assembled and utilised in the generation of insights to support decision making and business intelligence.


Maltem deployed a team of project management and systems integration experts to support Camaïeu in mapping its business and systems requirements for the new solution, and led the design, implementation and final delivery of the solution across its business.   This included helping to migrate existing databases and models into a more integrated operating system, and redesigning the business operating environment where needed, to support additional functionality and enhance useability.  

Maltem also provided support and training in the new systems, resulting in a successful and smooth transition to the new solution by Camaïeu teams.