Supporting Crédit Agricole in its digital transformation process and raising awareness of the Agile method among the distribution networks (CA Regional Banks and LCL).

Our work


As part of its IT projects, Crédit Agricole Assurance wishes to industrialise its Agile developments. In the Loan Insurance offer, where the economic stakes are high and regulations are changing rapidly, the ADE tools are designed to offer constantly evolving functionalities. They are part of the new Digital Factory.

Benefit for the customer: 

  • Faster prioritisation of business applications, including regulatory applications.
  • Better communication and adherence to other application systems.


  • Implementation of a product backlog
  • Implementation of a KANBAN framework
  • Proximity of the business
  • Supporting networks with the knowledge of the Agile planning and change management.


Skills and Roles

  • 1 PO
  • 1 PPO
  • 2 Tech leads (including 1 DM)
  • 4 Developers
4 Tribes
13 Squads