Development of smart contracts.
N N Node Implementation

Our work


As one of the largest asset managers in Luxembourg, BPSS decided to improve the efficiency of its entire fund distribution chain. BPSS wanted to address buyer/seller challenges by streamlining complex, cumbersome and fragmented interactions. The BPSS team launched a POC.


Collaboration with the BPSS team to identify the need, Openvalue to help with the development and EY to manage the POC and the deadlines

Benefits for the customer 

Responding to the increasing complexity and fragmentation of fund distribution markets


The challenge is to offer buyers and fund promoters a comprehensive solution throughout the process and to avoid numerous interactions. In addition, the challenge is also technical as the financial flows are resolved en bloc.


Skills and Roles

  • 1 technical manager
  • 1 dev back nodeJS
  • 1 Agular front-end developer
  • 1 Ethereum blockchain dev
3 Months POC
5000 Lines of code
1 Scrum framework

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