Maltem Impact

Convinced that economy and solidarity are linked, Maltem is committed to numerous solidarity initiatives and wishes to build an ecosystem dedicated to responsible innovation. Passionate and always eager to improve its social and environmental impact, Maltem works through concrete actions and aspires to become better. Maltem is a proud supporter of the Aldinie Foundation working with underprivileged children and youths in Madagascar.

A team commitment

Give the example

People inside and outside the company expect us to have a positive impact through our core business as well as through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development programs. Living our purpose and leading by example are the expression of our common values, representing the fundamental principles and common behaviors that unite us across cultural differences and geographic areas.

For the general interest

This commitment is carried by all Group employees. It takes different forms, from individual commitment relayed by Maltem to collaborative actions, from topics of philanthropy to digital solidarity projects, always in the general interest.

15 Actions per year
250 Assisted children per year
800 Committed employees in 12 countries

Our latest actions

Our programs

Aldinie Foundation

The meeting with Aldinie, a young boy who came from Madagascar in 2014, and his presence among us during his long 6-month fight against cancer, raised awareness of the need to provide ourselves with broader and more effective means of action. The fight against injustice and inequity in the face of disease and access to care, and the fundamental nature of education for the future of children and young people are the leitmotifs of the Foundation.

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The Moove movement is simple and accessible to all. It accompanies or develops the commitment of employees with their different aspirations and sensitivities; we want to show that it is not complicated to act and to bring the means to those who wish to do so.

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Since 2001, Maltem has brought together a group of more than 1,100 experts in digital transformation and innovation, spread over 12 countries. This expertise in digital transformation has been based on a strong desire for social change since our creation. Because commitment contributes to giving meaning and balance to our personal and professional lives, and because it is our responsibility to provide help where it is needed.

We owe our success to the people at the heart of our attention and actions. Our recipe is to create a group of women and men who share common values of listening, exchange and commitment. And to encourage and support the projects of each of our employees.

Our employees have shown us the importance of these choices by ranking us as the number one company to work for in the HAppyAtWork 2021 ranking.


Our commitment is collective. Since 2004, Maltem has supported several associations and projects each year, thanks to the ALDINIE foundation, which was the founding event of our actions.

Secondly, with the Mooove programme, which enables our teams to go out into the field to help people in need with their own hands. In this way, we are working to improve access to education, health, the environment and the fight against exclusion. The challenges are numerous and our collective is committed.

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