Maltem Group

Maltem is ranked 1st in the Happy At Work label in the 2021 ranking of companies with 500 to 999 employees. Out of the 7,300 companies evaluated, only 268 were awarded the label, i.e. barely 4%. This distinction is therefore a real recognition for Maltem, which invests significant resources each year to enable its employees to develop in a structure that empowers its employees and gives meaning to their work.

Where we come from

Founded in 2001 by Jean-Luc Clamen and Pascal Mennesson, Maltem is an expert in digital transformation and innovation, with over 1,100 employees in 12 countries.

The group’s activities cover a wide range of skills, organised into communities: Consulting, Data, Agility, Dev, Design Experience and Cyber Security with specific expertise in the fields of banking, insurance, energy and media.

After 20 years of existence, the group has been able to strengthen its capacity to adapt and evolve in order to remain innovative in a constantly changing world. It relies on its values of professionalism, proximity and performance.

For Jean-Luc Clamen and Pascal Mennesson, social commitment is no longer an option. This is why the group is also a champion of Tech for Good and is committed to responsible digital technology. This commitment is made in particular through the Aldinie Foundation, created in 2010 to help disadvantaged children and young people, and through its employee engagement programme Maltem Share.

1200 Staff
12 Countries
100 Million turnover

Maltem all over the world