Since 2007, Maltem has engaged in the transformation of IT projects with its clients. Our experienced team of business transformation specialists can help your organisation identify and deploy new solutions to meet current needs or drive new business opportunities. Whether working independently to solve a specific challenge or embedded into your team, our experts bring experience in various disciplines, including organisational design, agile change, transformation, and employee experience.

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We have been implementing the Agile approach on all our clients’ projects for over ten years. Essentially based on the SCRUM and KANBAN methodologies, the practices of our development teams enable us to provide our clients with the ability to deliver products or product increments regularly.

The vision that we defend today of this Agile approach is based on a well-defined methodological framework and an ability to adapt to the specificities of organisations, products, and technical constraints.

With the support of our Agile coaches, we provide support to our teams and clients. This support can take different forms: awareness, training, coaching over several weeks, workshops, retrospectives.

Our Agility division capitalises and consolidates our knowledge and experience of the different approaches implemented by our clients. Other methods can then be shared to enrich our responses to the problems encountered: Lean startup, OKR, holacracy, etc. The Agile approach is also based on technical excellence. Our development teams adopt extreme programming and clean code practices. The continuous integration and test automation approach contributes to improving the product and the fluidity of the software production chain.

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