Data is everywhere, and we all want to make the best use of it. Recognised as a champion of Tech for good, the Maltem Data Community works to implement the most effective tools in terms of data exploitation. Our data team supports you in creating and implementing your data strategy, focused above all on a desire to deliver value-added tools quickly. Our job is to enable you to collect and extract value from your data.

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Our team of data consultants works with the most sophisticated clients to develop and implement end-to-end data asset management solutions. Starting with Governance and Strategy we develop the blueprint for best practice compliance and future-proofed data architecture, defining processes, development roadmaps and data investment strategies.

We work with our customers and partners to define and catalogue data sources, build APIs to optimise data quality and lineage, and develop data collection and management pipelines, for qualification of source data, and single point of truth.

Our data professionals are specialised in ETL performance management, development of data pipelines, data transformation, ML Ops, and best practice data architectures.

Our team has extensive experience in Storage and Optimisation, including setting up a DataOps team, algorithm optimisation, cloud optimisation, DevOps service centres, and CloudOps tools for optimised data storage.

Maltem will work with your current systems to design and implement new data visualisation tools, data Provisioning and BI (Business Intelligence) approaches, and support your business with BI project management. Our Data Analysts regularly work on all major BI tools including Tableau, PowerBI, and Qlik.

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