Maltem Australia works with our clients to unleash the power of their data. Whether understanding your customer’s personas and preferences, or looking for efficiencies in increasingly complex supply chains, our team offers the full suite of analytics capability.

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Data Visualisation tools and techniques can help you articulate the insights found in the vast sources of data available across your enterprise. Maltem specialises in Tableau, PowerBI and Qlik and can help you design and deploy real-time dashboards to stay abreast of your business performance.

Maltem Data Scientists help our clients to develop statistical models for forecasting and prediction of key customer behaviour and purchasing metrics to support continuous improvement and early intervention in a rapidly evolving market.

For supply chain management Maltem can develop customised constraints-based optimisation engines to seek efficiencies and identify emerging risks to supply for essential components.

Maltem is a leader in the emerging MLOps (machine learning operations) field creating rapid experimentation and design capability for algorithm deployment and performance monitoring.

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