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3 weeks ago
Using dbt cloud for transformation in Lakehouse

dbt is a transformation tool in the ELT pipeline that lets teams transform data, following software engineering best practices. It helps data teams to improve transformation process by adding model referencing, lineage, documentation, and testing.

2 months ago
Data Mesh or Data Lakehouse, which one to choose?

Comparing Data Mesh to Data Lakehouse is like comparing apples to oranges. Data Mesh is an architectural approach and organizational concept whereas Lakehouse Architecture is a data solution concept which combines best of both, data warehouse and data lake.

2 months ago
Change Management Office is the new Queen’s Gambit

Change Management can sometimes be seen like playing a game of chess. How you can take control of a very complex situation where stakeholders are moving fast, and sometimes with unexpected moves.

5 months ago
Esokia joins Maltem Group!

The digital agency Esokia joins the Maltem Group and joins its "Design Experience" community.

5 months ago
Siparex Intermezzo supports the Maltem Group

This new round of financing will enable the group to consolidate its latest external growth and development operations, and to seize new growth opportunities.

5 months ago
Cybersecurity: how to prepare and limit damage in the event of a crisis?

For several years now, attacks on information systems have been increasing.

6 months ago
We Mooove!

Social and environmental impact has always been at the heart of the group's values and this is what unites us.

6 months ago
Aldinie Foundation

Our corporate foundation, the Aldinie Foundation, aims to help disadvantaged children and young people.

7 months ago
Maltem support Artificial Intelligence

Maltem supports 'Deeep', the first art fair on artificial intelligence. This groundbreaking new AI art fair runs alongside Frieze this month, featuring the world's most illustrious AI and NFT (Non-Fungibles Tokens) artists.

8 months ago
Maltem creates Maltem Lab

Research and innovation play an important role in the world around us. This is why we created the Maltem Lab, our research and innovation laboratory

9 months ago
Maltem commits to education

2020 and 2021 were years of solidarity for Maltem. Solidarity with young people made vulnerable by the unprecedented situation generated by the health crisis, solidarity with young migrants in search of a future, solidarity with young Madagascans on a digital training course.

1 year ago
Adapting to covid: challenges and opportunities for e-commerce

Following the closure of physical shops, the client has encouraged the promotion of these shops on its marketplace platform. To accentuate this emphasis, it was decided to provide sellers with commercial mechanisms to enable them to animate their e-shops.

1 year ago
Insurance in the digital age: protect save and invest differently

Insurance allows us to protect ourselves against the financial hazards of an event which, if it occurs, may cause damage or loss.

1 year ago
Dashboarding with R Shiny

R Shiny is a flexible development platform and dashboarding is a common use case.

1 year ago
Dashboarding with Power BI

Power BI is as the name implies a powerful Business Intelligence platform that specialises in the quick and easy development of reporting dashboards.