Maltem ranked n1 in the happyindex atwork label for the 2nd year in a row!

For the second year in a row, Maltem has been ranked by its employees as number 1 in the Happyindex@AtWork label for companies with 500 to 1000 employees!

This ranking is based on the HappyIndex®/AtWork method, which values companies where employees are happy to work. The scores come exclusively from employees, who rate their company on six dimensions. More details here.

This award is a real recognition for Maltem, which invests significant resources each year to enable its employees to develop in a structure that places well-being, respect and benevolence at the heart of its growth strategy.

Maltem’s mission is to become the leader in responsible digital business and is committed to supporting the new generation of employees who wish to give more meaning and impact to their work.

Offering a fulfilling working environment to its teams is a priority for Maltem. By obtaining the 1st place in the Top 10 of companies with 500 – 999 employees in the HAPPYINDEX@ATWORK ranking for the second consecutive year, Maltem shows that its actions are validated by its employees. Maltem will continue its efforts to innovate and create an increasingly fulfilling environment where everyone can plan for the long term and work on exciting projects while contributing to a more responsible digital world.

Indeed, as the survey shows, employees favour a better work-life balance, agile methods and a strong corporate culture. In 2022, 71% of employees say they are engaged at work, a figure that has increased since 2020, according to the HappyIndex®AtWork survey. “We are seeing further momentum since the end of the confinements, by +2.3 points since 2021 and +5 points since 2020. “This increase is due in particular to the evolution of the organisation at work, whether on site, at clients’ premises or in hybrid mode,” comments Celica Thellier, co-founder of ChooseMyCompany. This leads to a very positive development in the perception of work/life balance, which reaches 67%. This year, 477 labels were awarded. A total of 53,000 employees gave their opinion, an increase of 40% compared to 2021, and 1,700 companies were evaluated to build the campaign. The other key finding of the survey? Corporate culture is becoming the keystone of workplace engagement, followed by trust in management and recognition.

Another major trend is that CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is becoming a key issue for employees. It is one of the strong points of Maltem’s commitment with the “mooove” movement for committed employees and the Aldinie Foundation.

Maltem Group – Edouard Meier