Launch of Maltem’s new infra offer


To meet the challenges of performancesecurity, and sustainability of our customers’ digital solutions, Maltem Dev’s teams are committed and organised to solve daily technical challenges. Thanks to the initiative of Maltem Australia and its expert Larry Bruan, Maltem is extending its services and launching a new Infraservices offer.

Larry, tell us about this new maltem offer?

When I joined Maltem as a Consultant in July 2021, I was assigned to run a Service Transition Program for one of Maltem’s major accounts in the hospitality industry. Simultaneously, I reviewed Maltem’s service offerings and saw the opportunity to expand our services to include Infrastructure Services. Having discussed its feasibility and reviewed Maltem’s internal capabilities with Julien Labouze, Maltem’s APAC Managing Director, it was decided to launch the Infrastructure Services offerings.

The market has been ripe for a while now for this type of service. In fact, Gartner forecasted the worldwide IT spending for 2022 to reach US$4.4T and will grow by 5.5% in 2023 (Source: Gartner, April 2022). Gartner further reported that inflation rates, geopolitical disruption and talent shortages are not expected to slow down the IT investments (and we all hope so) – so it only makes business sense to take a slice of these exciting opportunities.

Furthermore, in the past years we have seen an increasing trend of enterprises moving their application hosting to private, public, and even hybrid cloud, embracing as-a-service models, and are talking about AI, ML, DATA and Analytics. So, the time is right for Maltem to leverage its global expertise and go to market with these services.

So, the time is right for Maltem to leverage its global expertise and go to market with these services.

In my over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, I have worked for global corporations, government agencies and major IT service providers. I have seen how these organisations adopted and consumed IT services, and Maltem Australia as a boutique expert provider of IT services can be nimble, agile, and locally responsive to the needs of both enterprises in the private and public sectors.

“Size does matter”

For this offer, we decided to focus on business outcomes and customer experience – not technology alone. We will exploit technology as an enabler to allow our customers to do what they do best – run their business.

Maltem is a right-sized agile team, with its global partners Maltem can effectively fill the gaps that other players are overlooking, and we can also scale on demand. Our clients will benefit from our boutique team of experts, offering flexibility, bespoke, and responsive services. Maltem Australia is backed by a larger group of experts worldwide with 20 years of experience in 5 continents who delivered exceptional and verifiable services to over 100 clients globally.

Our services

Our services include Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Application Migration and Transformation Services, Data Centre Services, Network Services, Computer Storage and Back-up, Database Infrastructure, Cyber Security and Compliance, Solutions and Architecture, Digital Workplace Solutions, Transition, Transformation and Program Delivery, Multi-Lingual Service Desk, Level 2/3 24×7 Technology Support, and Resource Augmentation Services.


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