Siparex Intermezzo supports the Maltem Group

16 December 2021 – Maltem Group

This new round of financing will enable the group to consolidate its latest external growth and development operations, and to seize new growth opportunities. Founded in 2001 by Jean-Luc Clamen and Pascal Mennesson, Maltem is an expert in digital transformation and innovation, with more than 1000 employees in 12 countries. The group’s activities cover a wide range of skills, organised into communities: Consulting, Data, Agility, Development, Design Experience and Cyber Security, with specific expertise in the fields of banking, insurance, energy and media.

After 20 years of existence, the group has been able to strengthen its capacity to adapt and evolve in order to remain innovative in a constantly changing world. It relies on its values of professionalism, proximity and performance. These values have led to a significant increase in its turnover, with almost €100m expected in 2021, driven by strong organic growth, successful international development with the opening of several foreign offices (Benelux, Asia, North America and Australia), and a number of targeted acquisitions such as Omnilog in 2018, which have enabled the Group to diversify its offering.

Siparex Intermezzo is involved in an operation to reorganise the Group’s financing structure, combining senior debt, mezzanine debt and a new stimulus bond mechanism. This new stage will enable Maltem to consolidate its latest acquisitions by finalising the purchase of Omnilog and Bocasay, and to continue its growth dynamic by accelerating its European acquisition strategy.

Philippe Dutheil, Managing Partner, Siparex Intermezzo: ” We are very pleased to conclude with Maltem the 5th transaction in 2021. This is a transaction in which we have applied all the team’s financial structuring expertise to achieve a package that will enable Maltem to achieve its development ambitions and its targeted external growth strategy. Indeed, the consolidation of the sector is continuing and we are convinced that Maltem has many assets to be a leading player“.

Jean-Luc Clamen, Pascal Mennesson, Founders of Maltem: “We are very pleased with this first collaboration with Siparex, which will enable Maltem to accelerate its growth. This partnership with an investment fund that shares the group’s values in terms of development and social commitment opens a new stage in the development of the Maltem ecosystem.

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Siparex Intermezzo 2 is the second generation mezzanine fund of the Siparex Group, an independent French private equity specialist in SMEs and SMIs (€3 billion in assets). Siparex Intermezzo is active in the SME and small ETI segment and aims to carry out buyout and development transactions. Siparex Intermezzo relies on the unique regional network of the Siparex Group and its first-rate network to support companies.


  • Directors : Jean-Luc Clamen, Pascal Mennesson, Frederic Benlolo
  • Tikehau : Nathalie Bleunven, Hamza Mechbal
  • M&A advisory: Cairns Partner (Julien Saunier, Adrien Caillet)
  • Lawyer: Chammas & Marcheteau (Jérôme Chapron, Charles-Louis Pierron, Thomas Coutant)
  1. Siparex Intermezzo (Philippe Dutheil, Damien Boca)
  2. Lawyer : Alerion Lawyers (Pierre-Olivier Brouard, Benoît Deramoudt, Stanislas Curien, Tom Ha)
  3. Financial due diligence: D’Ornano (Claudia Foley, Grégoire Longou, Guillaume Lefèvre)
  4. Legal, tax and social due diligence : Alérion Avocats
  • Audacia (François Terrier)
  • Lawyer: Gide (Eric Cartier-Millon, Samir Bensaker, Imane Bellafqih)
  • BPVF (Franck Ambonati, Emmanuelle Andre, Nicolas Advenard)
  • BNP (Etheldreda Grandchamp Des Raux)
  • Société Générale
  • Lawyer: Agylis (Fredericque Milotic, Perrine Labrusse, Samy Ayad)