Aldinie Foundation

Our corporate foundation, the Aldinie Foundation, aims to help disadvantaged children and young people. The foundation supports associations that work mainly in the fields of education and health.

The foundation also supports associations that promote sustainable development, improve people’s lives and thus fight against poverty. The associations supported are mainly located in Madagascar where the needs are immense.


The Mooove movement is simple and accessible to all. It accompanies or develops the commitment of employees with their different aspirations and sensitivities. We want to show that it is not complicated to act and to provide the means for those who wish to do so. On the principle of “small streams”, we are convinced that together, through our small or large gestures, we are already a large river of solidarity. The ideas, the generosity and the involvement of our employees, the organisation, the coordination and even the support of the Aldinie Foundation, allow the realisation of numerous actions. We hope to be able to organise even more events and encourage more Maltese to join Mooove.

Our ambassadors are advocates for a theme or an entire agency. They lead each entity independently and we give them the means to act and develop their community. They drive actions, participate in their implementation and measure their impact, and participate in the group’s strategic “Engagement” meetings. Discover some of our Mooove ambassadors in their “fast and curious” video.


Today, it is all of us who are actors in the construction of a better world. The Foundation allows us to centralise our energies, to have greater financial means and to have greater visibility. We can all share ideas and information, interconnect, exchange and come together to act together.


We have decided to continue in this direction and to act in favour of children and future generations. Those to whom we must show the way, a way of commitment and determination to courageously face the challenges of tomorrow, but also to establish a sustainable and intergenerational balance.